Here is the verbal account by Dr.Ian Paisley of the historic meeting between Theo Bamber and Winston Churchill during World War 2

"God sent us a leader in Mr Winston Churchill, he was God's gift to this nation. God had a man for the hour and an hour for the man. Mr. Churchill was of course a man of faith. We should thank God that we had a Winston Churchill in World War 2 to lead this great country of ours.

Let me tell you a story:

There was a great Baptist preacher in London during World War 2 called Theodore Bamber. He was a Baptist preacher and he preached in Rye Lane Baptist Chapel, London. He was a skilful biblical and prophetic teacher and he preached a series of messages on the subject "Why Hitler cannot win the War."

One night after church Mr. Bamber had gone home to his Manse and there was a ring at the door. When his wife went to answer it, there was a messenger from Mr. Winston Churchill. When his wife told him who was at the door, he said to his wife, "What would he want with me?" and she brought him in. The messenger said, "Sir, Mr. Churchill, the Prime Minister is in his bunker at Whitehall, down under the ground so that no German bombs can get at him, and there he is planning an offensive against Germany. He has told me that I am not to come back until the Rev.Theo Bamber is with me." So he says,"Sir what will I do?" The minister said, "What does he want?" And the messenger said," Mr. Churchill never tells any servant what he wants, he just tells them to go and do it!" The minister then said, "How long does he want me for?" "Oh," the man replied, "He said you'll get back late in the morning, but you'll be up all night." His wife said," Really darling, you can't go out tonight, you've had a heavy day." But the messenger said, "Mrs.Bamber be on my side, I'll do anything for you but I cannot face Mr. Churchill if your husband wasn't with me."

So the preacher got his coat and left.

And he came down to the bunker, which can still be seen in Whitehall underneath the roadway. And the great man was there. Mr.Churchill said, "Are you Theo Bamber?" and he said, "I am." He said, "I have been watching your church notice boards and you tell me that Hitler cannot win this war. I want to tell you Mr.Bamber that Hitler can win this war because we haven't got the armaments, or the men or the skill or the training to defeat him.

And I must defeat him.

But I believe in God and if you can convince me from the Scriptures that he cannot win this war you'll be doing the greatest job you ever did as a preacher." So he said, "Get me the Bible and let's sit down and you tell me the places for your thesis that Hitler cannot win this war. There was a challenge to the preacher!

So the preacher sat down and he convinced Mr. Churchill that Hitler couldn't win the war. Mr.Churchill jumped up, smacked him on the back and said, " Get away home to your bed, I don't need you any more. I know from Scripture that this Nazi terror is going to be defeated." So the preacher led in prayer and left. Mr.Churchill never came back to him, never even wrote him a letter of thanks, and never honoured him, and the Baptist preacher went to the grave unhonoured, unheard of and unsung.

But down there in the darkness, down underground Bamber had taught that great man the truth of God's Word, and why Hitler could not win the war. And as you know Hitler did not win the war.

But Bamber was right and this leader of our nation was strengthened by the Word and was able to go on and fight that war to the end.

Editor's Note:Although there is no record of the addresses "Why Hitler cannot win the war", it maybe that the two booklets entitled "Has the Cabinet the Courage?" and "Has the Archbishop the Courage?" had some connection with this meeting.