Theo Bamber's Collection of Books and Addresses given in Rye Lane Chapel 1926-1961. With special sections on Prayer, the Second Coming,the Holy Spirit, Sin and Conflict,Holiness, Faith, and Worship. Also his historic meeting with Winston Cburchill

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What is the purpose of this Site? To give unrestricted access to some great Bible expositions praying that everything here will be to the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

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This site is mainly for the Christian who desires to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ
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The Section on the Second Coming is pre-millenial in outlook and proclaims the wonderful hope of the Church as it waits for the Rapture

History of Rye Lane Chapel, Peckham, London 1818-1927
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If you do not know Christ as your Saviour look at "How to become a Christian."

If you are a young Christian in the faith look at "Through the Wicket Gate."

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