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A short account of my father's early life:

The famous interview with Winston Churchill:

Details of Rev.Theo Bamber's Christian Ministry

Pages 1 and 2 show 7 books in their entirety. Any reproduction in any form, in this entire website is permitted, as long as no change is made in the text and it is fully ascribed to the Rev.Theo Bamber.

Believer at Prayer

How to be a man or woman of prayer

The Warrior in the Wilderness

A study in the temptations of Our Lord

The Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ

His life within the Believer

Through the Wicket Gate

presents the essential facts of the Christian life

1)Encouragements to Prayer 1)Preparing for the Conflict 1)Bethlehem 1)When is Anyone a Christian? 8)Conflict
2)The Challenge of Prayer 2)The Conflict for Bread 2)At the Jordan 2)The Holy Spirit 9)The Christian's use of Time
3)The Conditions of Prayer 3)The Conflict for Religious Success 3)In the Wilderness 3)Baptism 10)The Scriptures
4)The Difficulties of Prayer 4)The Conflict for World Dominion 4)At Calvary 4)The Lord's Supper 11)Christian Service
5)Prayer and Power 5)Proceedings From the Conflict 5)At Pentecost 5)The Church 12)The Christian's use of Money
      6)Worship 13)Friends and Friendship
See Menu Page 4 for further studies on Prayer     7)Prayer 14)Does God Really Guide?
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