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This page contains addresses and articles not yet categorised.


The Spirits in Prison

1 Peter 3:19

An unusual topic for an address and depicts the titanic struggle between Satan and God over the plan of redemption.

Reaching Out

Acts 1:7-8

The task of witness - a process which begins at home- then the outlying district- and then further afield to the outside world.

Divine Philanthropy

Titus 3:4

Showing believers the biblical necessity for baptism.

The Mercy Seat

Exodus 25:22

The necessity to understand true repentance and the mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Does it Matter How We Vote?

Sermon preached May 22nd 1955 but very applicable to 2005 Election Day


The Horns of the Wild Oxen

Psalm 22:21

Showing victory for the Christian over unexpected crises in life.

The Natural Man-

1 Corinthians 2:14

How the spirit is dead to God without the life of the indwelling Holy Spirit.


How to Become a Christian .

Acts 16:30/31

A careful study to help those who are serious about experiencing salvation and need further help.

The World Situation-

What Can the Church Do?

preached during the Second World War

A Word to Christians

Baptist Revival Fellowship
Booklet No 2



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