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Books and Pamphlets Dealing with the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ


or Life after Death

The Hour and the Man

Introduction to the Book of Daniel

His Glorious Appearing

The Second Coming of Christ

1)Immortality 1)Introduction-God's Purposes 1)The Signs of the Times 6) The Millenium
2)Where are our Dead? 2)Nebuchadnezzar's Insanity 2)Antichrist 7)The Judgment Seat of Christ
3)Can the Dead Speak to us? 3)The Seventieth Week 3)The Coming Lord 8) The Judgment of the Living Nations
4)Prayers for the Dead 4)The King of the North 4)The Coming Messiah

9)The Judgment of the Great White Throne

5)Shall we Know each Other in the Next World? 5) Chart with Outline and Summaries 5)The Coming King 10) The Eternal Glory
6)Heaven     11) The Task of the Church
7)The Destiny of the Wicked      
8)Eternity in Time      

More Addresses on the Second Coming

of the Lord Jesus Christ

The World's Dark Night

Salvation's Hope 1Thessalonians 5:8

The Black Out 2Peter 1:19

The Ancient of Days Daniel 7:9

The Prize of Death Phil:1:21 Christ's Coming for the Church    
His Coming and the Gentiles



For further reading on the Second Coming of Christ from a pre-millenial aspect try the Prophetic News magazine

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