Earthly kingdoms Proud, Perverse, and Perishing;

God's Kingdom Prevailing, Pre-eminent and permanent.

GOD REVEALING--DIRECTLY to His faithful ones; Chapters 1-XII.

INDIRECTLY to faithless ones;

GOD RULING:--Men and Generations: I.VI; Nations and Ages;

Chs. V11-X11.

  Active Control   (1) Captives
GOD in

Age-long Conflict

Seen in
(2) Kings
  Actual Conquests   (3) Kingdoms

 Ch. I-Ill. (1) CAPTIVES. Daniel and his Companions:

Opposed to heathen customs; Obedient, to God's Commands

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Blessed of God
Used by God
Preserved by God
Approved by man
Appointed by man
Advanced by man


Ch. IV-VI. (2) KINGS. (a) Nebuchadnezzar his position, power and pride.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
His Conquest
His Dream
His Doings
and Captives
Its relation to world
In relation to his
His Desire
own times


Chapter IV.

His Dream: its relation to God. Nebuchadnezzar acknowledges his abasement and recognises God's rule and is restored.

Chapter V. (b) Belshazzar: Persistent Defiance meets with JUDGMENT.Corrupt and Craven King;

Courtly yet courageous Daniel

Fear supplanted Frivolity; Repentance did not replace Rebellion.

Defiance brought his Deposition and Death; his kingdom ENDED.

Chapter VI. (c) Darius: Deceived and so Decreed against recognised rectitude.

Concern and Crisis for Darius; later vindicated.

Conspiracy against Daniel; later frustrated.

Crisis and Confidence for Daniel: God honoured.

Consistency of Daniel; unalterable principles. Pray, Obey, Trust.

God's Conquest over men and beasts: men broken and destroyed

God's Might, Majesty and Mercy manifested; Daniel prospered.

The King who could not deliver and the GOD who DID!

Chapters VII-XII. (3) KINGDOMS: Passing of Earthly kingdoms:

Persistence of the Kingdom of the Most High

Chapter VII. VISION of Earthly kingdoms. Cannot succeed against GOD.

Their Continuity--"for a season"; Their Condemnation-"to be taken away";

The Climax--Beasts slain, God glorified.

Everlasting Kingdom of the Most High; greatness of His people, submission and obedience of all kingdoms

Chapter VIII VISION of Earthly kingdoms.Pleasure and Prosperity increasing; truth and holy

things cast down; Pride and Power developing. Transgression seems to prosper but only "comes to the full" THEN--in "the appointed time" it is "broken without hand" and the "Prince of princes" reigns at last

Chapter IX. TIMES: Jewish in relation to Gentile power.

Seventy years-Trespasses; Seventy weeks-Troubles:

The prophet's Discernment and Confessions. Guidance by the Book.

Desolations mourned; Disobedience confessed; Desolations still to come.

Supplications presented; Understanding given; Final victorious consummation at last! We must "turn from our iniquities."

Chapter X. TIMES: Gentile powers in relation to Jews.

VISIONS of Latter Days: The Great Warfare revealed and understood.

The Great Captain appears. (Comp. Rev. 1: 12-17.)

The Great Conflict announced and undertaken: Kingdoms and confederacies of kingdoms--

Defiant, Wilful, Profaning.

The prophet reassured and strengthened; ALL that antagonises, God "shall come to its end."

Chapter .XI. The Earthly Warring:

Power and Pride of earthly kings do not change GOD'S APPOINTED TIMES AND DETERMINED PLANS.

Tyrannies and Leagues converge in antagonism to the Holy Land, +it's, people, possessions and affairs. Some fall away; others stand true. The enemy will have great riches, power and fury--YET--"he shall come to his end."

Chapter XII. The Climax of the War:

Division into Wise and Foolish; Assignment to Everlasting Life or everlasting contempt. God's people finally and fully delivered.

The Supreme Time of Trouble; the Sure Time of Deliverance 1-4.

Resurrection and Rewards: When? The Time of the End.

How long?--Sealed till the Time of the End.

Meanwhile--Purified or Profaned?

N.B.Wickedness is "the height of Folly."

Wisdom is to fear God, to trust Him and OBEY.

God's man--still "continues"--"thou shalt stand in thy lot."

From Daniel and the Hebrew Children we see that the Believer's Path is that of SELF-DENYING OBEDIENCE, uncompromising with the Worlds' objects and methods.

That the Believer is WISER and more farseeing than the wisest worldlings. That, uncompromising in the face of threats and persecutions, he must be "TRUE TO DEATH!" That God's own deliverance and promotion are sure. We are not to know the times and seasons (Acts 1: 6), but WE ARE TO STAND for God so that "having done all" we MAY STILL STAND (Ephesians 6 -13).'



This Outline will be of greatest interest and value if you will work through it point by point WITH YOUR BIBLE. It should be done a little at a time as you are able.


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