Portion of Scripture read: Colossians 2. 1-15.

My dear friends, let me just review very briefly where we have been moving this week. First of all on Monday night we saw the glorious truth that Jesus Christ has died for our sins. No man enters into the truth of God until he sees that. Jesus Christ is not a martyr. He is not forging the way as a great example. All these things may have their aspect of truth, but the truth is Christ died for our sins according to the Scripture. When you realise that and can say: I do believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and died for me, then you have entered upon the first great blessing of the substitutionary work of Christ for your salvation.

And then we saw the truth that not only had Christ died for our sins, but because He represented us, because He took our place when He died to sin, He died on our behalf, and therefore, in Christ I was committed to death to sin. The death that He died, He died unto sin once for all; likewise, reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin. And the second view of Calvary for every believer is that in Christ, he is dead to sin.

Then we saw that there was the necessity that if we had entered into resurrection life we should be made conformable unto His death that self had to be taken to the cross. Just as Jesus took His sinless body to Calvary in order that God might do a deeper work through it after crucifixion and through crucifixion. So every believer, who desires that out of his inner being shall flow rivers of living water, every believer must come and offer everything of self to Jesus Christ on the cross. And then we saw the truth which Paul puts in such wonderful language: God forbid that I should glory save in the cross by which I am crucified to the world and the world has been crucified unto me. The world is a dead thing and I unto the world. I therefore consent readily to take the place where in the eyes of the world I am a dead thing. My dear friends, the world never pats a corpse on the back, and so God has taught me to be very concerned when the world pats me on the back, because it never pats a corpse.

It has been perhaps, in many respects, a solemn message; so much of death, you will says and I thought the Christian life was one of joy. Yes, well we have been seeing some gleams of that joy and peace and those who know most of the death of the cross know most of the life of joy in Christ. Now, we want to bring it to the consummation by the grace of God tonight, because with the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, it is also true that we see Jesus crowned with glory and honour. Paul tells us that after He had been humbled even to the death of the cross, gone down as a malefactor and regarded by the world as accursed on the grounds that He had so gone down to death in the grave, God - and after all, it is God who has got to do it - when He had gone right down into the death of the cross, God highly exalted him. So by death He brought to nought him who had the power of death, that is the devil. So Isaiah could say on the ground of the substitutionary work of Calvary: therefore will I divide him a portion with the strong one. On the grounds that He has borne the sin of the world, therefore will I divide him a portion with the strong one. He shall lead captivity captive and having bound his captives and entered into the sanctuary He shall give His life and His gifts to men by the Spirit. My dear friends if you have learned experimentally union with Christ in his death, then trust God that through faith He shall make you to know experimentally union with Christ in the life of His Throne. As he is, so are we in this world. He is on the Throne, a victor! So are we in this world. And from tonight never again think of the Church of God suffering defeat. Never again consent to dishonour God's Holy Spirit by talking with the world as to what the Church will be doing in a hundred years time. Never again dishonour the Blood of Calvary by talking about whether the Church can maintain its position in the world. The man who does that, tears his Bible to bits, and turns his back upon faith. When the Word of God says we are seated with Him in the heavenly places, I cannot share in any degree whatsoever with the futile talking of people today about the problems of the Church, as if it is gasping for existence, when every believer is to be an overcomer in the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Now He had a wonderful victory; it was worked out in four distinct ways. First of all, there was the victory within. He could always say the Prince of this world cometh and findeth nothing in me. He has searched me through and through, my body and my soul and findeth nothing that he can take hold of in me. And then he took the victory and exercised is so that men and women possessed of demons cried out when they saw Him, as indeed, they would do today, if we were like Him! And then He went down into Hades after His crucifixion and He rid Himself of all the powers of evil and held them up to open contempt, when 'He celebrated His triumph over them by the cross. He broke the power of hell by the cross - Hades the place of the dead. Then He ascended into Heaven, passing up through the sphere of the air where the Prince of the power of the air exercises dominion over the living. He then entered into Heaven, a man, the first being in the body of our humanity to stand in the presence of God. Victor!

My dear friends, in the supernatural world the victory of the cross is an indisputable fact. I wonder if I can bring that home to you. It is a much more indisputable fact than the Battle of Trafalgar. The victory of the cross is an indisputable fact in the supernatural world. Every being in heaven and hell knows all about it. It is the master victory! But on earth, it is revealed in the Scriptures It is all there. This great democracy, the great people of the earth, the great powers, they know nothing about it, and your modern churches are quite incredulous.

The one who knows it on earth is the believer, who has entered into the experimental knowledge of the cross. My dear friends, you may read your Bible, of course, the Word of God says it so plainly that the Christian who does not see it is a person who will not. Here on apostolic authority Paul writes saying: Now look here, you Christian people, you will please understand that "we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the princes of this present world, against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies", ---and you have got it in your Bible! It is written there as clearly as baptism, and then when the preacher gets up and speaks about it you say: "Well this is very odd. I think it is rather strange language. It looks to me as if it is undue emphasis." Until the Holy Spirit unveils Calvary and when you come to Calvary and experimentally have passed into the life of the Throne you see the horrors of the abyss. Yes dear friends if Paul is wrong let us go to our churches and say: look here, dear friends, the epistle to the Ephesians and to the Colossians are not worth the paper they are written on. But my dear friends, and I believe it, these are the facts you have got to face if you are to know victory. It is the will of the Holy Spirit that you shall know first of the victory within - dead to sin, living in the power of God's Holy Spirit. With that victory around you, out of your inner being is flowing rivers of living water; the Holy Spirit coming through you to others. Victory in Hades, because the gates of hell shall not prevail against the believer. Death will never be to the believer what death is to the unbeliever. There will be victory at last in the air with Christ, when we meet Him on the very ground from which Satan has been pressing down upon the Church. We meet our Lord in the air. Victory! Let us not make any mistake about it, we are not treading on uncertain ground tonight. We are treading absolutely on the ground that is confirmed in revelation by the Holy Spirit.

Then God will unveil to you, and you will understand what it was that energised your will to sin, what it is that energises your love of self, what it was that kept you back so long from separation from the world. Because of course, when you decided to join any human society or anything like that you never had the terrible conflict that you had about Calvary. Then you will know my dear friends that it was your fallen nature, energised by wicked spirits to keep you back from all that God had for you. That is why without the aid of the Holy Spirit no man can take Jesus as Saviour. Without the aid of the Greater One, to divide the spoil of the strong one, no man can be saved.

Now my dear friends, God leads you out so far. You will now see exactly what Satan seeks to do today with every believer, to bind your spirit, to imprison it, and he does that by holding on either to your body or to your soul. He cannot touch your spirit because that is in the possession of the Greater One, the Holy Spirit. He cannot touch your regenerated Spirit because that is God's ground, but he can touch your soul as a believer. He can touch your body; that is to say he will move through your affections, and will work upon your affections. He will work upon your love of esteem, he will work upon you through others so that you never go on with God by yourself, but are always looking at somebody else who you think is a great saint, constantly being side-tracked. He will work upon you by a subtle love of self, which comes out in your desire to nurse your wounds. He will tempt you to hold on to your grievances, to bring you down into depression, he will also work upon you through innocent pursuits, perfectly innocent in themselves and yet every time you go in for them, they cool your spirit and your spiritual vigour wanes instead of waxes.

He will take hold of you through your temperament, seeking to drive you to extremes. If you are of' a reserved temperament, he will make you more so after you are a Christian than you were before if you are not careful. If you are a person who is very friendly he will get you perhaps to be exceptionally talkative, so hindering the spirit and confounding your testimony to the Holy Spirit life. My dear friends, let us face up to this fact. It is frequently said that we who make the greatest profession, are also guilty of the greatest contradictions. It is because whilst the spirit is given up to God, there is something in the life which is still in the hands of the enemy. I want to say to you tonight that you and I are never going to take victory through those things until we come to the place where we can say: I see these things are not in me, they are the work of supernatural foes.

My dear friends, I say to you with confidence tonight that if you resist this teaching about the work of supernatural foes you will never get through to victory. Our foes are supernatural, not only so but you will notice there are grades of them - principalities and powers, princes of this present world. Do you notice that - -princes of this present age? Do not wonder that modern politics are such a boiling cauldron - the devil is in them. Spiritual forces of wickedness operating through the heavenlies, and as you meet one and defeat that grade, so you will find that in the cross of your Victor you have got to take victory over every power of bell before you come through to be an overcomer in the power of the Holy Spirit. So Paul says that for al1 victory every child of God must take all the armour of God. Now everything that the believer has that is not on the cross is going to be exposed to the work of Satan. You must be under the Blood by an absolute confession of faith, and there must be no trifling whatsoever with sin, and self must be on the cross and you must be dead to the world and the world dead to you before you can be an overcomer. We talk about bringing the world to the feet of Christ as if it is something that can be done by cups of tea. We have got an idea that it is going to be worked out in campaigns and drawing room meetings and ninety nine per cent of Christian people in this country have not yet envisaged the power of hell which is against the cross of Christ. Fiddling while Rome burns! Talking airily and mounting up statistics, as if by the power of the flesh we could destroy the powers of hell. It is impossible! Wherefore, take unto you, spiritfilled believer whose life is on the cross, take the whole armour of God. Stand as one dead to sin. Are you there dear friend? Have you by the grace of God said, I recognise and reckon that Christ died not only for my sins but to sin, on my behalf and in Christ I am dead to sin. That is where you have got to stand. If you are slipping about on love of sin in any form then you will never stand to take the victory.

Then there must be the resistance which is in the use of the armour and 0h dear friends, do ask that God may teach you how actually in experience to put on every piece of this armour that you may be an overcomer. Come through it and say 0h God, teach me what it means to put on the whole armour of God, that there shall be nothing in my life that is exposed to the power of Satan, but everything under the Blood. And then come to prayer. Prayer, my dear friends, needs tremendous enlightenment. Prayer must always be in the knowledge of the victory that has been taken by the Blood of Christ. It is no use praying without that. You must be able to pray in the confidence of what the Blood of Christ has done. It has stripped hell of its power. You must be able to pray as one who knows you are being used of God to break down strongholds of Satan with its supernatural powers. It is no good saying, Lord bless this, and bless that. You have got to have an understanding. You know the victory that has been reaped in Calvary, in that consciousness you must pray. You must know the foes against whom you are dealing. You must pray against the power of hell in the name of the Victor over hell, and you must pray not as one who feebly beats the air, but as one who knows that Satan has been defeated. That is the praying that God wants in our churches, that is the praying that is going to shake London, that is going to revolutionise our churches and we are not getting it. We are doing nothing. Prayer is for supernatural issues. It is a supernatural activity, a spiritual activity for spiritual purposes. Not only must there be prayer, but there must be praise. Prayer is our activity Godwards; praise is our testimony manwards. We praise God in the hearing of men and praise is vital to victory. When you get something that tries you, you say, "0h I am fed up!" You will discover at once that your spirits will go down and you will be held in an atmosphere of depression. You will never get through to God.

You have given ground, and immediately you uttered it, wicked spirits have forced your spirits down, and you will have a big struggle to get back to God. Christian people of course say, that is very extreme. My dear friends, it is being done in our lives every day. When the Holy Ghost comes to a man He fills him with joy, so that he says Hallelujah! And he finds that praise is going to be one of the vital things that God uses to keep the enemy under his feet. We have never seen that Satan is keeping our lips absolutely tight in order to quench the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives. God wants praise. My dear friends, when God gets praise in our lives things are going to happen. 0h the blessing will begin to flow in our homes. We shall begin to take victory there. That is where it has got to begin. Make no mistake about it that is where it has got to begin.

The blessing will begin to flow, and then when God gives us a testimony of praise in our place of business, the blessing is going to flow there. Satan is bearing down upon you people in business and saying-: Of course you see all these hardheaded men that you have got to deal with. They don't want your religion, you must be kept down under the thumb while you are here. There you are and for six days in the week you are living as hang-dog_ Christians. You have made no attempt for God, because you live under an inferiority complex. My dear friends, God wants praise. God is asking for it. He is willing to get the victory when a man is set against sin, when he is wielding the armour of the Lord, when he knows the supernatural foes that are holding that poor man down.

Dear friends here are men and women who you are touching every day, perishing in sin and their lives outside our churches. People like myself will never touch them, humanly speaking. My only hope today is that God will use me to build up Christians in their faith and make every one a vital witness wherever he is. We have no degrees in this church now. We want men and women who are going right through in the power of Calvary and who are going to stand for it in the name of Jesus. That is what God wants of every church. He wants you to take up that note of praise. When it is done I know it is going to come at some cost. Your tongue will cleave to the roof of your mouth; you will feel awful, but it does not matter; God will have got a tremendous victory, and the life will begin to flow. It will begin to flow; it cannot help it. Of course, all hell is going to be against you, but the blessing will begin to flow. No man ever went to the cross yet without coming away with life. And death will work in us, but life will work through us, and this great needy world will begin to get what it is so hungrily and ignorantly asking for. That is the victory. My dear friends, will you take it tonight? I am now going by the grace of God to break the tyranny of Satan over me. Do not try to do it unless you are trusting absolutely in the victory of Calvary because you and I have no power except through Him. The power is not in us; it is ours, as it is His, by the Holy Spirit given to us. Never shall we be independent of Him for an instant; never shall we fail with Him for an instant.

Are you ready for this victory? Are you ready that God shall just break by His Holy Spirit the tyranny that holds you down? Say, "Lord Jesus take this victory in my life. I see the supernatural world against which I have to live every day. I see also the Blood of Christ by which I am redeemed, the power of Christ which makes me an overcomer, and I am going to have a testimony of prayer Godwards in the life of the Throne. I see the supernatural issues involved and against them I am going to pray, and I am going to have a testimony from this moment. Never again will I allow the enemy by the grace of God, to take any control over me by giving way to sighs and depression. From this moment life in ever, circumstances shall be praise to God. My dear friends when you have uttered the praise, confirm your pledge by the action. God will seal the blessing to you. There is the victory. Think of it! Think of the needs of this world, think of London. See how the enemy is pressing down upon men and women tonight, and see how Christian people are trying to withstand the flood of the enemy by fleshly means. 0h the utter futility of it! The utte rfutility. A complete waste of time! Will you stand in the place of victory, in the Blood of Calvary? You cannot stand in the world and have the armour of the flesh and the armour of God; you have got to say: "0h God from henceforth I strip off from myself all armour of men." 0h the rest I have seen since I got there! What a deliverance, what a saving of futility, and now 0h God I see the issues, supernatural issues. Jesus Christ has taken the victory; He is the Victor!

And the powers of hell are actually being frustrated by the Church of God, but all these people living in a fleshly religion are not moving the powers of hell one inch. They cannot. Now I yield myself to Thee: " 0h God put on the cross tonight, everything in me that is weakness and everything that Satan can use. May I be a vessel of the Holy Spirit and from this moment make me a man of prayer. Prayer 0h God, in the confidence of the Lord of Calvary who has taken the victory; prayer that sees the supernatural issue, prayer that never knows defeat, and 0h God from this hour, give me the spirit of praise. May the testimony be on my lips with all the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. That is victory! I tell you my dear friends, it is an absolute waste of time to talk about revival in London until we get there. Do you come to the place of victory tonight? 0h what God can do. Do you consent thereto? God help you.


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